Facility Optimization

The Vasilije Group assists clients by providing hard data to drive strategic and tactical planning. Our services are more than a conventional facility management package, our suite of services is a way to share building expertise with facility directors and build a long-term partnership.

We utilize a number of cutting-edge tools to collect data that help our clients develop capital plans and budgets and manage facility assets. Some clients choose to couple these services with Vasilije Group’s traditional design, engineering, and construction administration services, forming a long-term partnership that covers facilities throughout their entire life cycle, from design and construction through operation, management, maintenance, and protection.

plan – design – build – optimize

The Vasilije Group Facility Optimization services include:

  • Commissioning
  • Noise and Vibration Control
  • Energy Management

The Owner’s Agent

A construction project can be complicated, expensive, and unfamiliar. The Vasilije Group can be your expert and trusted guide – your Owner’s Agent!

We can bridge your resource and knowledge gaps while keeping you in complete control of your project. We sit by your side during project development and help you plan, manage, control, and accelerate your project.

You get the expertise to get your project going, keep it moving, get the best results, and make sure that everyone delivers on their promises.

When you need experienced, knowledgeable construction experts to represent your best interests – The Vasilije Group can help.

The Vasilije Group

We provide owner’s agent support services to commercial projects, managing planning, design, construction and commissioning processes. We understand the Owner’s business need and we deliver that need –

On schedule, on budget – no problem!

Team Vasilije includes top project managers, architects, engineers and construction personnel. We have been in the design and construction industry “forever”. Our managers have over 20 years of experience, with diverse backgrounds.

Our experience is full spectrum – from small scale industrial projects to large scale government programs. Examples include:

  1. Electrical installation on Middleton Island, a remote unpopulated Alaskan island
  2. Development of a winery on a San Juan Island
  3. Development of a biofuel farm and processing facility in the Columbia basin
  4. Development of a regional airport for increased commercialization
  5. Office conversion to a doctor’s clinic
  6. Prototype algae biomass production facility in Southern California
  7. Program management for an airport expansion
  8. Program management for a new copper mine
  9. Project management coursework at a major university

The Vasilije Group owner’s agent support includes:

  • Program management
  • Team selection
  • Project management
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Value engineering
  • Constructability reviews
  • Construction project management
  • Project controls cost and schedule reporting
  • Total project estimating
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)
  • Construction engineering
  • Procedures and business development
  • Commissioning
  • Acceptance for beneficial use

The Vasilije Team includes planners, architects, engineers, contractors and operators. We add specialists from known established firms as required. We support commercial, governmental, educational, industrial, research, retail, municipal and healthcare clients and their facilities.

Our services are as diverse as our clients and our delivery is guided by one goal:

Total Customer Satisfaction!

Our services can be applied in a focused design / build solution or selectively as your project requires.

We start by outlining the project scope and developing a potential schedule and budget. We identify and recommend the best engineers and designers to meet the project requirements. And we develop a phased approach for project implementation. We provide project management during design and construction project management during construction and commissioning.

Our fee is awarded based on project success. We must meet the project scope, schedule, budget and quality requirements to be awarded our fee. On a business level our efforts are focused on total client satisfaction.

On a professional level we enjoy the challenges of a new opportunity. We excel in non-typical construction challenges:

  1. Scaling up from research to commercialization
  2. Entrepreneurial development
  3. Office conversion
  4. Large program implementation (i.e. how you set up a mega project)
  5. Airport, river port and sea port development
  6. Intermodal facilities

On a personal sense we service our clients because we love our work and we love to work in an environment where we can bring effective and efficient work management. We love to form high performance teams and lead those teams. We love to build!

Typically, the ROI to the owner for using our services is a factor of 2-5, thereby demonstrating the high-value-added nature of Team Vasilije.


The Vasilije Group supports the following NAICS Codes:

541330 Engineering services
541330 Acoustical engineering services
541330 Construction engineering services
541330 Electrical engineering services
541330 Heating engineering consulting services
541330 Industrial engineering services
541330 Mechanical engineering services
236210 Construction management, industrial buildings
236220 Construction management, commercial
236220 Airport terminal construction
237130 Alternative energy structure construction
237990 Construction management, mass transit
237990 Port facility construction
541611 Administrative management

The Vasilije Group

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