The Vasilije Group

Vasilije Group
The Vasilije Group (pronounced Vessel-Ley) is an alliance of construction industry firms across the world dedicated to promoting: Training, Construction Services & Consulting.

About The Vasilije Group

The Vasilije Group begins each and every project with the goal of satisfying our clients. Whether it’s an addition, renovation, or new construction project, we look forward to helping you with your construction plans. The strength our company brings to each construction project is based upon our core values which incorporate integrity and a strong sense of client satisfaction. These values, complemented by our staff, guarantee successful results.
What We Do
Engineering Design Services

Project Management Key Consulting

Kevin Archbold
Consulting as a contributing partner

Engineering Design Services

Architectural Engineering Design Services

Nadine Kallas - TUG
Douglas Geniesse - Barrow Construction Services

Engineering Design Services

Pre-Construction & Construction Management

FEMA Disaster - Grant Consulting - Public Assistance - State Level
Douglas Geniesse - Barrow Construction Services

Engineering Design Services

Digital Construction

Building Information Modeling Services (BIM)

Engineering Design Services

RESA Scaffolding

Partner for Serbia

Esther Rios
Jose Antonio Guillen

Engineering Design Services

Project Planning

Primavera & Microsoft Project

Mostafa Ali Elsheikh

Engineering Design Services

Facility Management

Planning/Execution of Plan


Engineering Design Services

YCP & SAME Proud Supporters

Young Construction Professionals
Society of SAME - American Military Engineers

Recent Projects
The Vasilije Group

Main Office, 8685 Towne Road, Bremerton, WA 98311, USA
+ 1 360-979-9183 Cell
Email: [email protected]

Serbia; Branch Office

Kozaracka 23, Office #2, Municipality Medijanana, Nis, Serbia 18101
+381 65 510 7570

International Marketing

B2B Bandits
Nate Wright